Frequently Asked Questions

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How accurate is the solution I've got with Jason?

You can find the error estimate in the error columns of the position files delivered within the ZIP bundle.

Note however that this error estimate comes from the post-fit covariance values delivered by the navigation filter. These values are a basic metric to assess the quality of the solution but are formal errors and, as such, do not represent the actual error of the solution. To obtain an actual error of the solution an external reference for comparison is required.

Why Jason does not have global PPK coverage?

We rely on a series of more than 70 public world-wide, national and regional GNSS networks of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). These networks offer RINEX data of more than 10000 stations. The GNSS data availability is continuously monitored by Jason. However, there are still large portions of the globe (specially deserted areas, large water surfaces or sparse networks) that are not covered by Jason and thus no PPK coverage is available.

For this reason, to mitigate this limitation, Jason allows to input data from your own base station. This feature is specially intended for those surveyors that need to perform a campaign in those areas with a lack of coverage.

I cannot display NMEA files? why is that?

Jason is designed to process raw GNSS measurements to obtain the position (NMEA format is used to represent positions, no GNSS raw measurements).

If you are trying to plot the contents of a NMEA file into a map such as e.g. Google Earth, we recommend you to convert NMEA to KML (using external tools such as e.g. rtklib's pos2kml).